Frequently Asked Questions


How do I return my purchase?

Instead of having to fill in a boring paper based returns form, you can now log into and complete the returns form online. Please see our returns policy for complete instructions on how to return your purchased item.

What if the item I bought is defective?

The Hive Inc ensures that all products are of high quality when they are shipped to customers. Should it happen that your item is defective then please contact our friendly Customer Loyalty team or email us at The time period for such a return is the same as any other return – 7 days after the item was received. A replacement item will be sent to you accordingly. Should it happen that we are out of stock, then you will be contacted by Customer Service, and you will be provided with store credit or you can contact our Customer Loyalty team for assistance.

What is your Returns Policy?

Our returns policy can be viewed by clicking here.


Who do I contact when I need personal assistance with my order, or if I am experiencing issues placing an order?

You are welcome to contact our delightful Customer Loyalty team using the chat function on the bottom right hand side of our site, you can also email us at . Our Customer Loyalty team strives to make your experience fantastic so please be sure to contact them for anything you may need.

I want to start a new account. How do I do this?

You need to be registered in order to purchase from our website. Not registered? Fear not! Go to to register. Once registered you will receive an email welcoming you to The Hive Inc, making your world of fashion accessible in just few clicks of your finger.

I want to place an order. How do I do this?

Just follow the order prompts

  1. Select your items and add them to your cart
  2. Once you have everything you want, click the Proceed to Checkout button
  3. Fill out the requested details and click the Checkout button
  4. You will then be taken to an order confirmation page which will give you your order number and delivery time lines

Super-easy and convenient, just the way we like it.

I want to update the details of My Account. How should I go about doing this?

Click on the My Account tab on the top right hand side of the page. You will then be directed to your account details. Scroll down to find your account information. Click ‘edit’ next to ‘contact information’, then change your details as needed, followed by clicking on the ‘save’ button to ensure your details are changed.

How would I go about unsubscribing from The Hive Inc newsletter?

The emails that The Hive  sends you come with the option to unsubscribe for the newsletter. Click on that option and you will not receive future Hive messages anymore.

Do I need to enable cookies in my browser?

Cookies are the name of small amounts of data that is sent from a website to your browser. It is then stored on your computer’s hard drive. Your browser’s preferences usually have ‘cookies enabled’ (meaning each website can send its own cookie to your browser). Cookies cannot access your personal information, but instead use anonymous unique identifiers.

Cookies will need to be enabled on your browser to allow you to add products to your cart and access your account information. If you are using a public computer, or share your computer with others, be sure to log out before leaving your computer unattended to protect your account information. You can log out by clicking the ‘logout’ link in the top right hand corner of the page.

To find out more about how we use cookies, please see our  Privacy Statement .

Brands & Stock

What do I do when the item I want is out of stock?

We make it a point to keep up with the latest fashion trends, and therefore maintain our stock levels to match those items that are most popular. Take note that items are available while stocks last. Should you have any further enquiries, feel free to contact Customer Loyalty team; they will try to source the item for you from elsewhere. Should this not be possible, then they will contact our Style Team to suggest possible alternatives.

Do you place items on back order?

We do not place items on back order, but if it is something super fabulous and popular our Style Team will see if there is something they can do to satisfy your craving.

Will I be allowed to place an item on hold?

Unfortunately this is not an available option.

How do I know if you carry a certain brand?

All you have to do is enter the name of the brand in the search toolbar. Search results will present you with the available items from that brand. If the brand you are looking for is not there, send us your brand suggestion to and we will see what we can arrange.

I tried to place an order unsuccessfully and my desired item is now appearing out of stock.

Allow 10 minutes for this item to reappear in stock and then try again. Alternatively please contact Customer Service.

When can I expect new products to be listed on your website?

Our website is constantly updated with the arrival of our eye catching new stock. We update our product range as new fashion lines and brands are released. Keep a close eye on New Arrivals for your fashion fix.

The Hive Inc Deals – New Deals Twice a Week ! We offer a wide range of well-known, smaller and unknown brands. Get inspired by our ever changing deals. Subscribe to our Newsletter now and never miss a deal!

I want to provide feedback about a product. How do I do this?

We welcome any feedback our customers can give us. You can place a review on a product by going to the product’s page and adding your comment, or send your feedback to

Is there a way for me to view the product before I purchase it?

As The Hive Inc is an online shop, there is no physical store customers can visit.  However The Hive Inc ha an office situated at  Avondale Hopping Centre should you have any queries regarding our products you visit or can contact our gorgeous Customer Loyalty team and they will do their very best to describe the item as if you were holding it yourself. Samples are available for limited product lines. 


How can I pay?

The Hive Inc offers you the following payment methods:

Payment via credit card

The Hive Inc accepts credit card and chipped debit/cheque card payment via Visa and MasterCard only. We make use of the 3D-Secure authentication system to verify cardholder details with your bank; this links you directly to your bank via a secure link. The transaction then takes place within your bank’s secure environment and we won’t have access to any of your card details. You can rest assured that your card details will by no means be available to, or accessible by, us or any third parties. When you return a purchase, the specified amount will be credited back to your bank account after it has been approved. Take note that only credit card payments are accepted in respect of The Hive Inc. orders.

Ecocash Merchant Code

The Hive accepts payments to be made by ecocash. Once you accept this as a payment method, you will be requested to enter your email and ecocash mobile number you are paying with. Keep your mobile phone unlocked and enter you pin code once prompted to do so. alternatively you can pay from your ussd *151# choosing pay merchant code and entering the merchant code provided for you. 

Paying with Bitcoin 

The Hive accepts payments to be made through crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. 


This payment method requires the customer to transfer money directly from his/her account into The Hive Inc’s corporate bank account, through computer-based systems. If you select RTGS or ZIPIT, you will be redirected to our secure payment gateway and asked to select your bank. The details for the payment will then be displayed, along with instructions regarding references etc. All bank deposit require proof of payment to be sent to before your order will be processed. If payment does not reflect for a RTGS or ZIPIT transaction we may request proof of payment to be sent before your order is processed.

Why should I use the RTGS or ZIPIT option? ZIPIT is convenient in that it is not time consuming and it’s easy to use. The Hive Inc also creates a safe and trustworthy banking environment for the benefit of the customers and the company. Take note that only Zimbabwean payments will be accepted and no international bank electronic transfers are accepted. Furthermore, payments will not be accepted in respect of  The Hive orders.

COD (Cash on Delivery)

Pay for your purchase in cash when it is delivered to your door. This is an easy payment option that only requires you to have the correct amount of cash when your package is delivered, as our delivery men do not carry petty cash. Take note that all payment should be done in United States Dollars or Bitcoin, and that the COD option is only available for certain postal codes. Please note that a handling fee of $5 will be charged on checkout.

Should it so happen that you are not available to accept delivery you can postpone/delay delivery for a maximum of three (3) business days after the initial attempt to delivery. If delivery has not taken place within these three days, the order will be cancelled and returned to our warehouse. In order to ensure the safety for you our customer as well as our delivery team, cash on delivery will only be available on orders below USD$100.00 ( One hundred United States Dollars  or an equivalent in bitcoin). Swipe machines are subject to availability and will carry a handling fee of 5%. 

COD is only currently available to certain postcodes in Harare and Bulawayo, and does not qualify on orders where Next Day or 2 Day Express delivery option is requested. COD payments will not be accepted in respect of The Hive Inc Deals orders.

Step-by-step instructions for spending your money on The Hive Inc

1. Register on
You’ll need to be logged into The Hive Inc’s website before you can order anything.

2. Add products to your cart or cart and check out
Browse the site and choose products to add to your shopping cart. Next, check out.

3. Fill in Checkout Details and banking details to complete payment .

The purchase will be confirmed and we’ll take care of the rest. All you need to do now is watch out for your delivery – it’ll be on its way soon.

How safe is it to use my credit card on your site?

The Hive Inc makes use of the 3D-Secure authentication system to verify cardholder details with your bank; this links you directly to your bank via a secure link. The transaction then takes place within your bank’s secure environment and we won’t have access to any of your card details. You can rest assured that your card details will by no means be available to, or accessible by, us or any third parties.

What do I do if my credit card details are not accepted?

The first step is to check with your bank to rule out any problems that may be occurring on that side. If you still experience difficulties, contact Customer Service, and they will alert our IT team to correct the problem.

How do I use my store credit?

When you are issued store credit, you will have received a voucher code. Please copy and paste this voucher code into the box titled Coupon upon checkout to have the credit amount deducted from your retail price.

How do I know if my order has gone through?

Super easy, an email will be sent to you to confirm we have your order, once it is processed you will receive an invoice for the goods being delivered. Lastly listen out for your doorbell or name to be called when our speedy drivers are there to deliver. Should you not receive such an email, then contact our super helpful Customer Loyalty team and they will help you out.